Reasons to like summer (there are only a few of many):
-the free time
-the books I can read with my free time
-the summer movies in the dollar theater, my current favorite is "How to Train Your Dragon"
-the craze fun zone, laser tag there is the best
-the weather, duh, who doesn't like it
-vacations, fourth of july was pretty amazing
-my job and the money that comes with it
-babysitting cute kids
-the free time
-my birthday!
I just love summer. So much fun and definately my favorite season


Must See Movies

Here are some movies that I just love and the reasons behind the love.

-The Bucket List -A great movie about the importance of life. Funny while enteraining and teaching. I enjoyed this movie and could watch it every day.
- Rigoletto -Sure it may be an older one, but a must see. If you haven't seen it then you must. It can be a tear jerker, but worth watching as it teaches important lessons about love and friendship.
- Tuesdays with Morrie -About an old man who is dying and teaches important life lessons to those around him. Of course, since someone dies, it is a tear jerker, but I cried mostly happy tears so enjoy.

Here are only three, but they are my top three favorite movies. I hope you like them and go see them if you haven't yet.


Blogging Backgrounds

Some of my favorite sites with blog backgrounds. They have so many I can never decide. My favorite is http://thecutestblogontheblock.com/. Try it out. Some others are:
- http://hotbliggityblog.com/
   This has a lot of simpler blogs.
- http://www.shabbyblogs.com/
   This has a huge variety with a lot of holiday designs.
- http://simplyblogitbackgrounds.blogspot.com/
   Simple backgrounds with outside decorations or just a background pattern that covers the whole thing.
Here are just a few. I hope you like them. Anyways, enjoy!!

My update

I'm happy summer is here because that means I have more time to do things like this blog. I also have a job so I am earning money. I work at Pickett's Bambino. If you have never been to get a bambino you need to come try one. They are unique and incredibly yummy. The descriptions is "A warm, flaky, cheese stuffed scone, deep-fried to a golden state of perfection." Some of our flavors are classic (pepperoni and canadian bacon), chicken ranch, aloha (similar to pineapple pizza), barbeque, and fire (cream cheese, jalepenos, and pepper flakes). Also this summer, I'm looking forward to a trip to Lake Powell. We are going to stay on a house boat. It will be a week long of nothing but fun stuff. Another thing this summer is that I am possibly getting my license soon. I can get it July 5th so I just need to get my personal progress done before then. I don't have a lot to do so wish me luck that I can get it done.