So, I went to the Mount Timpanogos temple. I have never been to that temple before and it was really great! Here is a picture of the temple when we arrived.
Below is a picture of me and my roommates from left to right it is me, Kristiana, and Brittany.
The temple was a lot busier than it usually is, so by the time we got out it was night. Here is a picture of the temple all lit up.
Well, the temple was so great and I am glad that I sacrificed the time to go. It was so much fun and I felt the spirit stronger there than I have in a long time!


What a great day!

Today was just a really great day! I enjoyed myself a lot. I went to all my classes and had my homework done on time and understood everything we learned in my classes. It was so great! I especially enjoyed my church history class today. We are talking about all the great doctrine that was revealed in the Nauvoo period of the church. There was a ton that was revealed during this time, and it was crazy how much there was revealed.
Also, today I got my clicker! I am so excited that I get to finally start my new goal. I'm so happy that I already have 31 clicks and I only have had it for about five minutes. I really challenge everyone who is reading my blog to look into doing this challenge. It is so easy and so much fun! I already am so glad that I chose to do this and I haven't even been doing it for that long. For those who  may have missed the previous blog about this, the website that talks all about the clicking challenge is www.billionclicks.org. Also, my blog post that has a video about the clicking challenge is http://sarahleigh-corner.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-hate-waiting.html. I hope you decide to join me in this great endeavor!
The last thing that has really brightened my day was being able to go to the temple with my roommates. I haven't been to the temple since I came to school and I really regret this. I'm glad that I get to go now. It will be a big blessing for me, and I am so grateful that I live so close to so many temples. I have the Provo Temple walking distance away, and several other temples just a short drive away. Today we are going to the Mount Timpanogos temple. I'll share some pictures later, but in short, I'm excited to be alive, and I am so grateful to be where I'm at in life. I love life, and I love myself. I know I am a daughter of God, and I know that He loves me and I love Him. Enjoy your day and I know that you can have a great day if you put your mind to it! Here is a picture of the Mount Timpanogos temple.



So, my big goal in life right now is making my life more positive. I started the clicker challenge on Sunday after I heard Hillary Weeks talking about it, and I'm so excited to get started. Sadly, my clicker isn't here yet and it is so frustrating because I am so ready to get started. Well, I'll just have to do my part to convince others that what I'm doing is a good cause. So, in light of that, here is a video of a talk by Hillary Weeks talking about this cause and I hope that you'll give it a look. Anyways, I'm excited to begin to make my life positive and I hope you have a magnificent day!


#1 Movie in The World

Here is just a little clip about The Hunger Games movie, which is now the number one movie in the world! Enjoy the video, and may the odds be ever in your favor!


Above: My roommates, Brittany and Kristiana, and me with Hillary Weeks at the fireside.

Last night I went to a stake fireside given by the musician Hillary Weeks. She had a great message to share about thinking positively. She said that thoughts are the seed of action so we really need to make sure we are positive in our thinking. So, she challenged all of us to focus on our positive thoughts. She started a personal challenge to keep track of all the positive thoughts she has every day. She bought a clicker and clicked every time she thought positively. It worked for her. She found that every day was more upbeat and when things went badly she didn't let them get her down. She started a website called billionclicks.org. The goal of the website is to get one billion positive clicks recorded. So, my roommates and I bought ourselves some clickers from her website and as soon as we get them we are going to start counting our positive clicks. A quote from a notebook she sells on the website that I really like is, "Love your crazy, unbelievable, challenging, side-splitting, spontaneous, improbable, unpredictable, exasperating, big-hearted, absurd, delicious, abundant, inspiring, joyous, daring, jaw-dropping, beautiful LIFE . . . . make every moment count." I really like it and I hope we can all take it to heart and make every moment in our lives count. Enjoy your day, and think positive!
Below is a picture of the clickers from her website.


Movie Review

Well, the magnificent day that I have been waiting for finally came and is gone. It was so great! I had a lot of fun waiting in line and then watching the movie with my friend. The theater was a really good size. I was surprised by how big it really was. It had 12 theaters in it and they used all of the theaters to show the film at midnight. I won't spoil the show for any of you, but I do have a few things to say. It is a long movie. It was 2 hours and 15 minutes long, not really long, but longer than most movies. The other things about the movie is that it was really good. I was very pleased with how they made the movie. I was a little nervous that they wouldn't be able to pull it off. In the end, I suggest that all of you see it, and I think that you will love the changes that will shortly be coming over this blog. And don't forget, may the odds be ever in your favor!



Well, hunger games is less than two days away. So, in a few days my blog is going to get a brand new spring look. I'm excited to get something new going on, and I hope you guys like it when I'm done. If you haven't gotten tickets for this Thursday night, then I'm sorry, but it is probably too late. I'm very excited to wait in line even though we will probably be in line for about 7 hours. I'm just excited to hang out with my friends and just relax for a little bit! Well, I hope you get to go see the movie, and of course, may the odds be ever in your favor!


Right now next week!

So, for those of you who haven't looked at the countdown recently we are pretty much about a week away! From what, you ask. Hunger Games midnight premiere of course! About this time next week, I will be close to on my way to wait in line for the midnight showing! I am so excited! This is such a great opportunity and I am so excited to be able to attend. I hope this is a great movie. I'm also excited, because once the midnight premiere is over, my blog will be getting a makeover, so look forward to that. Have a great day, and may the odds be ever in your favor!



I am transferring to BYU-Idaho. I don't think there is any reason to beat around the bush. I am not sure why I am headed up there, but I know that it is where the Lord wants me to be. I'm excited to be going home, but a little sad that I'm leaving such a great school. I'm sure that there will be plenty of possibilities and opportunities at BYU-Idaho. Now, I was a little bummed about BYU-Idaho at first because they didn't have a family history major and I was a little sad to give up something that I love so much. So, I started searching on BYU-Idaho's website for possible majors and found that they are starting an associate's degree in Family History this Fall.So, all in all, I'm heading to BY-Idaho this fall to probably start school in the winter. So, all of you readers in Idaho, I'm on my way to Rexburg again. :D