The Midnight Showing!

Yes! I got tickets to the midnight (well technically 12:04) showing of The Hunger Games movie and I am so excited! this should be such a fun event. Two of my roommates, my friend, Shayla, and I are all going together. It will be really fun to go with people who share my love for this series with me. I am worried at this point that the movie is going to disappoint, but I don't think it will. I guess in less that a month I will know how good it is! I'm so looking forward to this great even and the blast I am going to have while participating. I hope you get your ticket!


Roommates and Friends

I have realized this weekend that family is great! I love mine and I love being around them, but I also realized that I love roommates that are there to supplement that love, to care, and to listen. To trust in you and support you in your struggles, but also give advice and tell you the truth when you need to hear it. They make you laugh and smile. We cry together, but we also celebrate together. My roommates are my friends and I love it! I love being able to look forward to leaving my family now, and instead of being homesick for my home in Idaho, I look forward to coming home to my apartment just to see my roommates smiling faces again.
They are all different but so great! Kristiana is always making me laugh, but she also knows how to listen and give advice when it is needed. She is so smart and beautiful! Brittany is so enjoyable to spend time with. She is not afraid to be herself, and is always honest to herself with who she is. She is also responsible and good at her job, being the RA. Ayne is a great person to share a room with. I love the times that we have stayed up later into the evening just talking about life and what is going on at the moment. While I don't remember exactly what has been said, it is just good to know that she is willing to sacrifice her sleep to share her ideas with me.
Now, I can't write this post and not include two more people who aren't my roommates, but I wish they were. Sabrina was only originally my friend through association. She was friends with Kristi and Brittany and so, therefore, we did things together, but as we did things together I realized that I really enjoy her company. She is energetic and loves to make one laugh. She is almost always smiling and laughing and I love the cheerful influence she has in my life. And last, but not least, is Shayla. While we haven't been friends for long, it seems like we have known each other for a long time. We really have grown close and already know a lot about each other. I love hearing about her life, family, and classes. I also love cooking with her. She makes sure I keep eating healthily and that is such a good thing.
Well, this has become a lot longer than I wanted it to, but I thought I should share what a great influence friends can have in ones life. My friends, old and new, have always been there for me, and I know they always will be there for me. Friends are just as important in our lives as our families are, and at times I think they can be more important. Our families are going to be with us forever, not doubt about that, but we won't always be able to be in each others companies. So, we have friends to be there to support us as we are away from other loved ones. I believe that our Father in Heaven gave us families to become who we are, and He gave us friends to provide a support so we continue to stay strong to who we have become. Friends are the best and I love all of my friends out there!! <3


Hunger Games

Okay. So, for those of you who know me well, or who have been reading my blog regularly, you know at this point that I am super excited for the Hunger Games movie. I loved the books, and I feel bad that all I have talked about so far are the movies, but really I loved the books, and probably will always love them more than. I hope, I love the movies.I read these books from the very beginning. I thought the first one was a stand alone novel, but when I got to the end it says, "End of Book One", and I was pretty upset. I didn't really want to start another series, but at this point I couldn't stop. They were such a good books. So, I have followed them from the beginning and am so excited for the movie. I hope that I don't set myself up for it to be so great and be let down in the end. Well, I guess I'll have to find out, and I hope my countdown is helpful for those of you who read my blog.
This picture is currently my desktop photo, and I love that it has the mockingjay from all three books.


Mais oui!

Oui! J’aime le francaise! (Yes! I love French!) I know my last post was about my love of this language, but I finally feel like the language is clicking for me. It is going really great. I talked to someone in French today and I actually understood most of the stuff he was saying. Sadly though, I couldn’t respond very well, but at least I am comprehending. So, college life is going really great for me. This semester is a lot harder from me, but I enjoy it. I have to work a lot at studying then I ever had to before. That is still taking some getting used to, but I find that I like the studying. I am really getting the hang of learning the material.
All in all, life is great right now and nothing super eventful has happened. For those of you who follow BYU basketball, then you probably know that we won Thursday’s game, 83-73! It was an exciting and good game! Also, what was really cool is the student section did a flash mob. I have shared the youtube video below. Enjoy!