Gratitude, the power to be humble

Nephi, like I pointed out in my last post, is a huge example. This week while reading 1 Nephi 18 I realized the gift that gratitude is in our lives, especially when experiencing trials. Nephi was in a hard situation. It isn’t easy to be tied up for three days with little to no care. Then when he was untied his ankles and wrists were very sore and swollen. In that circumstance, the natural man wants to complain and murmur about the situation. We can learn what it looks like to conquer the natural man. Nephi not only doesn’t complain, but he thanks God for helping him out of the situation he was in and asks for help to escape the storm they were in. While being tied up, he remembers what words were said concerning the wicked and what would happen to them. After being released, Nephi prays to God and the compass again starts to work and they begin to be led in the correct direction. As it says in chapter 17, the wicked will be led as long as they keep the commandments.
This all strikes home for me this week as I have been struggling with some things of my own. I've been going through some rough trials. It has been very uplifting to read about what Nephi did and work to apply it to myself.  I've been working hard to see the good things that are coming from my trials and I have found that it helps me have more of a "Nephi" attitude. About gratitude, I watched this video clip from President Monson talking about the divinity of gratitude that I want to share.


Overall, I really just know that God loves us. He gives us a lot and we are to be grateful for all that he has given us. We must recognize that which he has given us in order to feel the love of God more in our lives. I love Him and I know he loves us. We must look to him and be grateful for what we have been given.

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