Offered Only At BYU

As I have come to find out, BYU offers quite different experiences. You really have some good opportunities both academically and spiritually. Classes at BYU really challenge me to think and not only learn facts, but apply the facts. My American Heritage class does this the most, which is what makes it such a hard class. It really takes a lot to learn how to apply knowledge learned.
Not only do I have a lot of wonderful experiences in my academics, I also have a lot of great spiritual opportunities. First of, I find that I learn a lot from a young single adult ward. It is really great to go to church with people who are all in the same place in life as me. I really learn a lot because they have all experienced the same stuff as me. I love sacrament meeting because it is super quiet and it is really great! I love families, but I really like quietness, where I can feel the spirit more. I love being able to fill the Holy Ghost as I listen to the talks and take the sacrament.
Another great opportunity I get is to listen to general authorities. I have gotten to listen to five up to this point. I have listened to Elder Oaks, Elder Andersen, Elder Ballard, President Packer, and President Monson. So, I have also been in the room with Elder Perry, Elder Cook, and Elder Nelson. It really is incredible to be in the same room with such amazing roll models who have such an incredible spirit.I have learned a ton of just simple concepts by listening to them. They really talk about the basics of prayer, love, and scripture reading a lot. They talk about a lot of topics, but they always talk about the basic topics as they talk about this and tie it all together. So, overall I am loving  life at BYU and love the experiences I am having.

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