Mais oui!

Oui! J’aime le francaise! (Yes! I love French!) I know my last post was about my love of this language, but I finally feel like the language is clicking for me. It is going really great. I talked to someone in French today and I actually understood most of the stuff he was saying. Sadly though, I couldn’t respond very well, but at least I am comprehending. So, college life is going really great for me. This semester is a lot harder from me, but I enjoy it. I have to work a lot at studying then I ever had to before. That is still taking some getting used to, but I find that I like the studying. I am really getting the hang of learning the material.
All in all, life is great right now and nothing super eventful has happened. For those of you who follow BYU basketball, then you probably know that we won Thursday’s game, 83-73! It was an exciting and good game! Also, what was really cool is the student section did a flash mob. I have shared the youtube video below. Enjoy!

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