Meeting President Monson!

I shook President Monson's hand!! I know, it is something that doesn't happen often, but I shook his hand. President Monson is the prophet and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is an amazing man who has become my role model over time. He is big on promoting service and compassion. He is someone who I look up to as someone that I would like to become like. If I could be even just a little more like him, then I would be pretty set in life. Well, anyways, back to the experience. I was at a viewing for the father of a member of my ward. I didn't know the guy personally, but I really look up to his daughter who is our neighbor. So, I went with my grandmother to support her. Well, just as we were about to leave, we were talking to her husband when in walked President Monson. He shook everyone's hands and then went into the viewing. So, even though I didn't get to talk to him, I did get to shake his hand. He really is a prophet of God! I know that God talks to him and directs him how to run his church. Below is a picture of President Monson:


Mom, Lindda, Nana, Lulu, etc. said...

I've never shaken President Monson's hand, but I can relate to your sweet story thru an experience that didn't even happen to me, but has nonetheless effected my life for good.

Twenty-three years ago, in the process of trying to move to Omaha, NE to join my husband who'd taken a job there, I flew there to househunt. My trip co-incided with an area conference at which President Monson, then a member of the First Presidency, was the visiting General Authority. Our children, especially the 6 and 9 year old boys were so excited I'd get to see and hear President Monson---they drew pictures for him and the 9 year old wrote a note and signed it, Robert Allan Pixton, age 9.

I'd never stood in line after a conference to shake an authority's hand, however having those precious notes to hand to President Monson, there I was standing in the long line, when my husband said, "You'd better think of something else, it looks like they're getting ready to usher him out."

I looked up (I was in front of the stage of the arena where the event took place) and at that very moment, standing on the stage above me was the stake president, whom I'd met briefly the day before.

I tugged on the leg of his trousers and said, "President Cornish, my boys couldn't be here but they wrote notes----could you please get them to President Monson?"

He looked puzzled (I'm sure he didn't remember me at all), but nodded and later my husband said he saw him hand the notes to President Monson, so I was happily able to report to my boys our success at delivering them!

You cannot immagine our surprise when about a week later a letter appeared in the mailbox with the return address "Office of the First Presidency" addressed to Robert Allan Pixton!

Years have passed, I'm sorry to say I didn't memorize the letter, except for the first sentence which read "Dear Robert Allan, I'm not sure you are the Robert Allan that wrote to me recently, but you are the only Robert Allan Pixton, age 9, on the roles of the Church." He went on in two paragraphs not only to encourage him in his progress to the Aaronic Priesthood, but pointed him forward to a future mission.

Of course the letter became a treasured possession to that son, and wonderful memory for the rest of the family.

As a convert of now 43+ years, even then my testimony of the Church was strong----but this experience added upon: first that a little 9 year old boy could even be found among the millions of members (this was 1989) seemed a small miracle, but more importantly that a man who surely was as busy as anyone of earth with his many, many responsibilities would take the time to write to one little 9 year old boy---it spoke volumes not just to me but to our whole family---5 of whom eventually served full time missions and one is now serving an LDS Church Service mission. God bless President Monson---as he ministers to us all, he, like the Savior, reaches out to the one.

Linda Pixton

Sarah Cloward said...

Thank you for sharing your sweet experience! It really shows what a caring and thoughtful man President Monson really is. I think about the fact that he is already so busy yet he came to this viewing that I attended, and I found out later that he also went to the house of the gentelman who was dying and gave him a blessing before he passed. It touches my heart that our Heavenly Father cares about us so individually that He sends his prophet to comfort us in our time of need. I know that this amazing man is a Prophet of God, and I thank you for sharing your testimony with me as well.
With much respect and gratitude,
Sarah Leigh