Salt Lake Diversity

Working in Utah has been quite the learning experience. I've enjoyed it so much. I couldn't ask for any better jobs than what I have now. My favorite job is in Salt Lake. One thing I've had to learn is to drive in Salt Lake. I love it though. Salt Lake is quite the different, diverse place.
Well, while working at the art gallery the other day. I sold a piece of artwork to Elder Steven E. Snow. For those who don't know who he is, he is a member of the seventy and also the church historian for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He came in and bought a large print of the St. George Temple. It was a great experience to sell something to such a great man.
In great contrast, on my way home from work that evening, I was driving past an intersection and looked over and there were two police officers. As I looked more closely, I saw them arresting someone right there on the sidewalk. Growing up in a small town bubble, I have never seen someone get arrested. It shocked and scared me. What a stark contrast from my earlier experience!
So, Salt Lake has really shown me what differences there are in the world. It is really only possible to see both of these stark contrasts in Salt Lake! I couldn't see and meet a general authority and then see an arrest in any other big city besides Salt Lake. I love working in Utah!

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