A Tribute

As all of you should know at this point, there were 20 kids shot and killed at an elementary school in Connecticut. This is a video I found in tribute to those who died on this tragic day in America's history.

If the video doesn't work above, click HERE to watch it as well.

I know that there are many suffering at this time because of the lives lost in this horrible act of violence, but I also know that there is peace available to those who are suffering. Through the Jesus Christ we can find peace and forgiveness in this hard time. I know that the children who died were welcomed into heaven with warm embraces and much love, and that they are at peace there. I hope that we can all find peace and forgiveness in the wake of this trial. May God watch over those families who lost loved ones and may we all be mindful of those who are suffering around us, and keep them in our prayers. 

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