Mission Call!!

I definitely should have posted this earlier, but here it is anyways. I got my mission call about a week and a half ago! When the President of the church announced that the mission age was being changed for woman to be able to go on a mission, I just knew that now was my time to share the truth of the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I'm so excited.
Well, drum roll... I'll be going to the Baltic mission on March 27!! The Baltic mission has four countries which are Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus. I will be speaking Latvian, so I will probably spend most of my 18 months there in Latvia! I'm excited and spend most of my free time now learning about the area and what it is going to be like!! Here is a map of the countries in relation to Russia and Poland.

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flowerrainboots said...

I forgot to tell you! I talked to the boy in my ward who is going there! He is leaving in the middle of January but he is speaking Latvian as well! HE was soooo excited that I knew someone who would be going there! Plus he is a cute kid ;D soooo :P His name is Jeff Brown, so you'll have to keep your eyes out for an Elder Brown when your'e there! He asked for your name as well ha