College life

I really am enjoying college. I really enjoy class sizes, and I'm fitting in really easily here. BYU is definitely the best school ever! I'm excited for the football game tonight, except that I have to work for it. I can't sit back and watch it like most people would do. I really hope the fans aren't too crazy, because I really don't want any big problems tonight. I also really hope that BYU wins! I think that BYU can totally trash Utah, but let's hope I'm right. :)
Anyways, back to college. I've recently changed my major. I am no longer a Business major. I am now a Family History and Genealogy major. I changed because I'm taking a basic family history class and I am absolutely love it! I know that family history is going to be something I can do as a job, and for fun. I know that as I do family history I'm going to become closer to my eternal family, and my family here on Earth. I hope to be able to teach my family all I learn, and if there is anyone else who wants to learn as I get farther along, give me a call and I will totally help.
Another class that I am taking is American Heritage. It is one of the required General Education classes, but so far I am really enjoying it. The teachers for all of these classes do a really good job. They are really smart, and have some really good teaching methods. I think I'm going to learn a lot about where the values in America came from, and how this amazing country got started! I also like how we aren't only thinking about all of this logically, but we talk about all of it in terms of the gospel. That is one thing that I really like about this school. I like that we can combine secular knowledge with spiritual knowledge. It makes learning a lot easier.
I'm also taking some of the business classes right now. I'm probably going to minor in business so that is why I am still taking the business classes even though I am no longer a business major. One of my business classes is accounting. I kind of like accounting. The only problem with it is that I really have to change my way of thinking as I think about how business calculate their money. They really account for things differently that I thought they would. Another business class I am in taking is a finite mathematics class. I like the class. I've always been good at math so I love the challenge that this new type of math gives me. A lot of people say that finite mathematics is similar to statistics which I have never taken before. I like learning all this new stuff though. Another business class I am taking is a excel spreadsheet class. I like learning with computers and I really like the setup of the class. It is a pass/fail class so as long as you do the homework and attend class you should pass. I like that this is the case.
Well, now that you've read all about my classes, I'll tell you a little bit about my roommates. My roommates name's are Brittany, Kristiana, and Ayne (pronounced Ina). They are all really great and I'm getting along with all of them. I'm so glad that we are getting along. If we weren't it would make this semester a lot harder. Brittany is the RA (residential assistant) for the building. She is really easy going, and really responsible. I really am glad that she is my roommate. She has great advice. Kristiana is really nice, and funny. She has a great personality. She is always cracking funny jokes, and I love it! Ayne is the roommate that I share a room with. She is the best roommate I could ever ask for! She is really nice, and easy to get along with. I like talking with her about school, and my social life. She listens really well and always gives great feedback.
So, that is pretty much all of it. This was much longer than I thought it was going to be. Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I'm going to try harder to post more regularly. So, there you have it! My thoughts about life as a college students. :)

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