I really love fast and testimony meeting in a singles ward. I love the insights that one can find from the people their own age. I felt the spirit more strongly today than I think I have ever felt in one room. I was especially touched with what one young man said. He talked about how he was feeling really homesick (like most college students) and one day he was having an especially rough patch. One of his friends (to help him feel better) said this, "what is one day in the glimpse of eternity." I really liked this, but he took it in the sense that this one bad day will not mean a lot in eternity. While I like this, I thought of it a different way. As I have felt throughout the week, being away from my family really stinks, and when I thought about it I thought how horrible it would be to be without my family for eternity. I mean think about it. If it is this bad now, how bad would it be to live in a different place for forever! It makes me never want to do anything bad to keep me from the celestial kingdom and away from them. I think about the fact that if they were in the celestial kingdom and I wasn't I couldn't pick when I do or don't get to see them. Like now when I'm at college and I get lonely I can call them whenever I want. I have family just a short drive away. If I were in the terrestrial kingdom while they were in the celestial I wouldn't be able to do that. That saddens me greatly, but at they same time gives me some motivation to do my best in this life so I will be with them forever. I love my family and to be with them forever is all that I could ask for.

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Tracie said...

Love you! You have such a strong testimony. Keep your perspective!