Feeling like a little homemaker

Definitely the biggest adjustment with going to college was having my own place and having to take care of it and myself. I have really like it though. I love being able to go to bed when I want, get up when I want. Everything is just great! So, anyway, yesterday I got time to enjoy being a homemaker again. I put on an apron and cooked hamburger. I'm building my own food storage up a little yesterday. I cooked some hamburger I had, froze it and I'm storing it up for later. I also took some zucchini and shredded and it and froze it for later use. All in all, I felt very accomplished yesterday when I got it all done. I really enjoyed being able to feel like I could provide for myself and it was wonderful. I can't wait to completely run my own home. Here are some pictures of my accomplishment:

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