What a great day!

Today was just a really great day! I enjoyed myself a lot. I went to all my classes and had my homework done on time and understood everything we learned in my classes. It was so great! I especially enjoyed my church history class today. We are talking about all the great doctrine that was revealed in the Nauvoo period of the church. There was a ton that was revealed during this time, and it was crazy how much there was revealed.
Also, today I got my clicker! I am so excited that I get to finally start my new goal. I'm so happy that I already have 31 clicks and I only have had it for about five minutes. I really challenge everyone who is reading my blog to look into doing this challenge. It is so easy and so much fun! I already am so glad that I chose to do this and I haven't even been doing it for that long. For those who  may have missed the previous blog about this, the website that talks all about the clicking challenge is www.billionclicks.org. Also, my blog post that has a video about the clicking challenge is http://sarahleigh-corner.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-hate-waiting.html. I hope you decide to join me in this great endeavor!
The last thing that has really brightened my day was being able to go to the temple with my roommates. I haven't been to the temple since I came to school and I really regret this. I'm glad that I get to go now. It will be a big blessing for me, and I am so grateful that I live so close to so many temples. I have the Provo Temple walking distance away, and several other temples just a short drive away. Today we are going to the Mount Timpanogos temple. I'll share some pictures later, but in short, I'm excited to be alive, and I am so grateful to be where I'm at in life. I love life, and I love myself. I know I am a daughter of God, and I know that He loves me and I love Him. Enjoy your day and I know that you can have a great day if you put your mind to it! Here is a picture of the Mount Timpanogos temple.

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