Above: My roommates, Brittany and Kristiana, and me with Hillary Weeks at the fireside.

Last night I went to a stake fireside given by the musician Hillary Weeks. She had a great message to share about thinking positively. She said that thoughts are the seed of action so we really need to make sure we are positive in our thinking. So, she challenged all of us to focus on our positive thoughts. She started a personal challenge to keep track of all the positive thoughts she has every day. She bought a clicker and clicked every time she thought positively. It worked for her. She found that every day was more upbeat and when things went badly she didn't let them get her down. She started a website called billionclicks.org. The goal of the website is to get one billion positive clicks recorded. So, my roommates and I bought ourselves some clickers from her website and as soon as we get them we are going to start counting our positive clicks. A quote from a notebook she sells on the website that I really like is, "Love your crazy, unbelievable, challenging, side-splitting, spontaneous, improbable, unpredictable, exasperating, big-hearted, absurd, delicious, abundant, inspiring, joyous, daring, jaw-dropping, beautiful LIFE . . . . make every moment count." I really like it and I hope we can all take it to heart and make every moment in our lives count. Enjoy your day, and think positive!
Below is a picture of the clickers from her website.


Cookies said...

You look amazing, Sarah!!! I LOVE Hilary Weeks!!

Sarah Cloward said...

Thanks! It was really a lot of fun to meet and talk to her and hear what she had to say. I really love Hillary Weeks too!