Easter Sunday

For those who know me well, you know I do not cry easily. It isn't that I don't feel emotion, because I do. I just don't show it by crying. Well, today I cried. I was in Sunday School in my grandma's ward and they had a lesson about the olive tree and tied it into Easter weekend. At the end of the lesson, they showed a video that really touched me and I cried. It shows events in Christ's life with a point of view of the events in relation to his mother, Mary. It is incredible. The part that really touched me was when Mary picks up Christ when he falls down the stairs and then when he is carrying the cross and falls. I love the love that is felt there. The crucifixion is a little more graphic than most movies and isn't completely accurate, but overall the movie is incredible and I feel that it represents the relationship between Mary and Christ very well.