Finals... and good news!

Well, another semester is coming to a close and I can hardly believe it. College is great though and I'm so glad I'm here This semester has really kicked me in the butt and I don't know what to expect for my grades. I'll be happy with whatever I can get. I hope finals aren't too bad this week. I've taken one and have three left. Pray I do good, because I can use all the help that I can get!
It is weird to think that this time in a week I'll be completely moved out of my apartment and I'll be in South Jordan with my grandmother. I'm really excited to work for the summer and get to spend more time with my extended family. I really love spending time with my grandmother and all of my extended family. We are so close and have so much fun together and I love that!
Well, for the exciting news in our apartment, Brittany, one of my beautiful roommates, is engaged! It was lots of fun to see this all pan out from my side. She really had no idea he was going to propose last night. We were able to get her all dolled up, and she had no idea. She went over to his apartment to say hi really fast before she had to start working. When she got over there, he sang her a song he wrote and then got down on one knee and proposed. It was so cute and she was so excited! We are all very excited for her, and it is so much fun to have someone really close to me getting married. This is the first time it has happened for me. So, congrats Sean and Brittany. You really make the cutest couple the world has ever seen. Love you two!
Here are a few pictures of Brittany.

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